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Göteborg, 2013-04-07

Hi everyone,

I met a friend the other evening, he plays the guitar in an extremely good band. I really adore that band. Anyway, he asked me if I have a band for the moment, I responded a bit.. vaguely. To get to the point, he said: "You are to good not to have a band." This made me want to release something again. Thanks for that :-)

And I am writing new songs for the moment. At some points during the last round of writing and recording (Little ones Ep, We have the guts Ep etc) I felt some kind of pressure to take things a bit further... not to do everything myself, to bring in musicians and maybe a producer, make more "music"-music... start a band and maybe be successful. At other times I sometimes felt a pressure to be more experimental, to create strange recordings and beautiful sounds layered with the songs. Soundscapes, reverbs and filters. That is kind of my own backyard, since I have been doing a lot of that earlier in my life. I dont know why I felt theese "pressures", probably cause I thought that people who know my other stuff would be more comfortable with my songs maybe? Anyway: it felt too easy.

April Archives is about writing songs that concerns me, totally immune to change of time and preference. I write songs and I hope they find their way to someone that may like them and maybe wants to listen to them again. And then maybe once again. I like when a song is so full of beauty it is impossible to keep up any resistance or attitude, you just have to accept the immediate embrace. I like when a song is honest and hard and true, and most important: I like when a song is not really a song, more... like a breath. Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen do this sometimes, Sade and Frank Sinatra too. Joy Division almost always, exhausted and desperate mostly, but still like a breath. I like it when the melody fails to be a melody and becomes more of a... something. Or rather: when you feel that the melody w a n t s something more than i s something.

Anyway, now I am writing new songs and I feel like they need drums. Maybe I put a band together after all :-) About releasing new songs: it felt kind of lonely working it all myself last time. I am thinking of maybe try to find someone to help me with this matter. So, lets see what happens.. I am pretty sure it will work out just fine as soon as I (or we) start recording, things tend to fall into the right place when you least expect it. I am up for anything really :-)

Ok, more news to come later on!
Warm regards, take care!
Jesper Norda / April archives